Championship weekend:-)

Ahh you can feel it in the air, if that air is in New England,Baltimore,New Jersey, or San Francisco.

Yes it is the smell of a Superbowl! And sorry Yets, Browns,Rahhduhhs you are not close…yep this is to be enjoyed and picked over by all the so-called experts.

If you are a team new to success, it is easy to be the sexy pick or the limited experience will get you team! Yes anyway you want to spin it, this is your chance. Everyone has a shot and no one has a shot, this team is this, and this team is that, and here’s why!!

We will hear it all and argue our side to anyone who will listen, and mostly to wait to argue their side.

But in the end, it as always will come down to who got the blown call, the refs had it out for us,they wanted these two teams, it’s all a scam, and my favorite…I told you they would win:-) Because well we are all powerful if we happened to guess right…so over eat,put the remote down!! 2078 people last year accidentally reported to have whipped it at their rather expensive flatscreens:-), and if you are lucky enough you get to repeatedly annoy anyone who isn’t lucky enough to smell as good as you…

Go Patriots..of course they’ll win!!!

Because I already know 8)


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